Block Management

If you own the leasehold on a flat within a block, we could make life easier for you and your neighbours.

As managing agent we’d take care of all issues relating to the communal areas of your block, relieving you of the day-to-day concerns.

  • We would: plan annual expenditure well in advance
  • develop contingency funds to cover occasional larger expenses 
  • arrange maintenance, including repairs and redecorating 
  • handle the provision of services, utilities and insurance 
  • liaise with lawyers on communal issues when properties are bought and sold 
  • and act as an independent arbiter in minor disputes between leaseholders.

Please get in touch to discuss how we could help you. 


Hanue Chan acted as the managing agent looking after the freehold building at Queen’s Gate whilst I was the secretary of the freehold company. I found Mr Chan to be a very diligent, professional and extremely hardworking agent. The management ran incredibly smoothly with him in charge. I would be very happy to recommend Mr Chan.

P Daniel