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Have You Registered Your Valuables?

Advice from my local police force that I would like to share with you.

Are you registered on This free property register means people can record their valuables online - helping us to return them to their rightful owners if they are lost or stolen.

We've seen some recent successes with recovering property via, including two bikes from Broxbourne. This highlights how important it is for officers to continue to check any property for markings.

It's quick, easy and you can register ALL property - it doesn't have to have a serial number. Although traditionally used for mobiles phones and mp3 players, other valuables like jewellery and watches or bicycles can also be registered with their distinguishing features and a photo.

Immobilise is endorsed by the Home Office and is fully supported by the Constabulary. A recent initiative with local bike retailers, which involved bikes being UV marked with their new owner's postcode at the point of sale and registered on

Why not sign up today and lead by example? You could encourage members of the public, or even your friends and family, to sign up too.